Monday, 20 May 2019

Super Scientist

In Week 5, all Year 1 – 6 students will be completing the ‘Super Scientist’ Competition. The aim is to develop a passion for Science while encouraging students to learn about the natural world.
Students are to investigate a scientific concept and deliver an experiment or physical demonstration to the class. Each presentation is to be a maximum of 5 minutes. Students are encouraged to use posters, charts and ICT resources, such as PowerPoint, to support their presentation.
Each class will select their top two ‘Super Scientists’ and they will move forward to the Year Level Super Scientist challenge.
After the final ‘Super Scientist’ is selected, that student will go on to deliver their presentation at a special awards assembly in Week 10 (Wednesday 3rd July).
The presentation timetable is as follows:

Wednesday 29 May
Thursday 30 May
Friday 31 May

Some child friendly experiments can be found at the following websites:

I look forward to seeing all the wonderful presentations.
If you have any questions about the Super Scientist Challenge, please come and see me.

Steph Wright
Year One/Two Teacher

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Easter Holidays

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing school holidays. I wish everyone a Happy Easter and can't wait to hear about all the exciting adventures the children had.
I encourage all students to write a holiday recount in their homework books, ready to share on the first day back at school.

Pre-Service Teacher

During Term 2, we will be having a pre-service teacher in our classroom. Miss Verboom goes to Notre Dame University and is going to be joining us for 10 weeks. We can't wait to see what exciting lessons she has planned for us!

Harmony Day

During Week 7, we celebrated Harmony Day. During the day, we attended a multicultural parade where we got to dress up in our national clothing and wave flags to match. We also spent some time with our buddies and cooked a delicious Italian treat - pizza! Unfortunately, Miss Wright forgot the cheese but we put on our thinking caps, solved the problem and still enjoyed our final creations!

Week 6 Awards

Well done to Karish, Lucas and Rupa for receiving Week 6's class merit certificates.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Week 3 Awards

Well done to Connor and William for receiving the class merit awards for Week 3. Congratulations to Imogen for the Values Award, Heath for the Science Award and Jai for the Sport Award. Well done also to all the students of Room 30 for receiving the Art Award from Miss Randall.

Our Assembly

In Week 3, our class joined Room 28 to present our assembly about ‘Australia’. We loved learning about Australia, writing acrostic poems and learning some Australian songs. Thank you to everyone who helped us prepare for the day and those who came to watch us perform.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Outside of School Achievements

I would like to congratulate the following students for their out of school achievements in February.
Heath: Little Athletics Award
Ataya: Athletics Records

Student Councillors

Congratulations to William and Connor who were voted as our class’ student councillors for Semester One. I am looking forward to you both representing our class.

Aussie Day

Last week, WGPS celebrated Aussie Day. We sang the well-known song “I Am Australian” and shared why Australia is special to us. As a school, we raised over $900 for the Queensland floods.


As discussed at the Parent Information Evening, homework will commence in Week 4. This will be a one sheet page including Literacy and Numeracy revision to be completed in your child’s homework book. Talk Homework will also be uploaded onto the blog weekly to prepare the children for their weekly writing task.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I appreciate your support and involvement in your child’s education.

Welcome to Room 30!

Dear Parents

Welcome to Room 30’s classroom blog. This blog will be updated regularly to keep you up to date with what we are doing in class and any information you will need.
We have had a fantastic start to Year 1/2 and will continue to settle into the new routines of our classroom.

The students have a busy year ahead of them and this term the focuses are:
Literacy – reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Numeracy – numbers, measurement, graphs, shapes, skip counting (Year Ones) and times tables (Year Twos).
Science – Earth and Space
HASS – Geography
Health – Resilience and road safety.

Please ensure that your child is ready for their specialist classes by wearing sports shoes on Tuesdays and bringing their library bag on Thursdays.

I am looking forward to the exciting year ahead.
Miss Wright