Wednesday, 5 December 2018

End of Term

It is coming up to the end of the school year and I am sure that the school holidays are going to be a fun time for you and your family.
It is important to keep up the weekly practice of Literacy and Numeracy throughout the holidays. I would suggest creating a recount, narrative or persuasive text each week with your child – this could be written or spoken. It is also good to practise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division throughout the holidays so that your child’s mental maths skills do not lapse.
I want to thank every student and parent for their kindness and cooperation this year, it has been an absolute pleasure to teach Room 30 in 2018. I look forward to seeing some familiar faces around the school next year, the door to my classroom is always open.
Miss Wright

Class Party

Our class party is Wednesday 12th December. Please write what food item you will be bringing on the classroom door and remember not to pack your child’s lunch for this day!

Super Scientist

Well done to Sharon who was the Year One finalist for Room 30 in the Super Scientist competition. A huge congratulations to Sophie who was named the Year Two Grand Finalist and was able to perform at Week 9’s special Super Scientist assembly.

Week 7 Assembly

Congratulations to Kris, Naqib and Ella for receiving Merit Certificate at Week 7’s assembly. Well done to Addison who received the Sport Award from Mrs Oliver.

STEM Challenge

We completed our STEM Challenge to build Wildlife Crossings for the Wattle Grove quendas. We had to design, build, test and rebuild our bridges so they were big and strong enough to hold the weight of the average sized quenda. During this activity, we worked in teams and had to use good listening and compromising skills. Some of our bridges were successful and we had lots of fun!

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Technology Buddies

We have been working closely with Room 26 to build on our digital technology knowledge. They have helped us learn how to use lots of programs and even helped us to complete a research activity. Thank you to Mrs McIlwraith and all the students in Room 26 for your help.

Week 3 Assembly

Well done to Lily, Ataya and Dhruv for receiving the merit certificates at the Week 3 Assembly. A big congratulations to all the students of Room 30 for receiving the Energy Conservation Award!

STEM Focus

This term, our class will be focusing on a big STEM project about wildlife crossings. We had to research the native flora and fauna around Wattle Grove and were lucky enough to attend an incursion run by Kanyana Wildlife Centre. We got to meet and touch a snake, bobtail lizard, echidna, cockatoo and quenda! We have also listened to a presentation from Mrs Kelly about the urban sprawl and industrial development of Wattle Grove. Thank you to Mrs Kelly who gave up her time to give us a wealth of new knowledge, we all appreciate it.

Year Level Challenge

Huge congratulations to Sharon who achieved 100% on her Term 3 Year Level Challenge. Well done to Connor for receiving Top 5 and Ty and Niya who received Most Improved.


Our class commenced dancing lessons in Week 1. We have had a go at some very tricky steps and can’t wait to learn more throughout the term!


Our class has swimming lessons coming up in Weeks 7 and 8 as part of their Physical Education program. All notes and payment should have been sent to the office by Wednesday 31st October.

Welcome to Term Four

Welcome back to Term Four! We have already had a busy start to the term and still have lots of events coming up.
This term, we will be revising the concepts learned in English and Maths during Terms 1-3, to consolidate the students’ understanding. In Science, we are focusing on physical changes and in HASS, we will be finishing off our Geography unit.
Once again, we are focusing on independence in the classroom. To assist in this, please ensure your child is unpacking their own bag, setting up their own desk and completing their morning work without your help. This is a very important skill to learn and carry through to the rest of their lives.

Week 9 Assembly

Well done to Fiona and Nandini for receiving the merit certificates at the Week 9 Assembly.